Many athletes struggle with the transition from junior high to high school and high school to college. The problem is that it is a whole new world, filled with different people, a completely new environment, and a whole new set of challenges. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re struggling to adapt. If you’re an athlete who’s feeling this way, you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer. Here are 9 reasons why you should hire a personal trainer for your college career.

1. You’ll learn proper technique and form

Yes, you learn proper technique and form from your coach, and you’ve likely learned through years of play, too. But a personal trainer can further assist you in learning the right way to swing your bat, run that last mile or score that goal. Even better, he’ll teach you how to improve your performance while decreasing your risk of injury.

Your personal trainer has extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology. That means he knows how each of your muscles works together, and how they work in conjunction with your joints and tendons. Working with a personal trainer, you’ll improve your technique – safely – and notice a difference in your overall performance.

2. You’ll get a personalized plan

You’ve got a great coach who pays attention to the individual needs of his team members. But as good as the advice is that your coach offers, he’s still a busy person. He doesn’t always have the time (or the knowledge) to personalize a plan that will boost your performance.

A personal trainer does! In fact, that’s pretty much a personal trainer’s job description. Your trainer will work with you to customize an exercise plan and a nutrition plan that will work alongside your lifestyle and your sport.

When you first meet with your personal trainer, you’ll discuss your objectives. Do you want to run a faster mile? Increase your stamina? Or just improve your flexibility? After hearing your goals, your personal trainer will develop a customized plan that’s easy for you to follow that will ensure you attain those goals.

3. Personal training improves your mental health

It’s a fact – exercise improves mental health. It decreases the instance of depression and builds confidence. It also helps enhance your brain function, leading to better focus and clarity on the field.

Regular sessions with your personal trainer keep you on track toward better mental health, which is important both on and off the court. Continuing these sessions in the off-season will only serve to prepare you for the peak season, giving you a huge competitive edge.

4. Your personal trainer will work with your coach

Many athletes (and coaches) are misinformed about the role of a personal trainer. It’s commonly assumed that your coach and your personal trainer will be in competition with each other. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you have specific training directives which have been passed on to you from your coach, do let your personal trainer know! Or, if your coach is willing, have him meet for a few minutes with your personal trainer. In other words, allow your coach and your trainer to collaborate. With input from your coach, your personal trainer will be better able to develop a long-term plan that’s optimal for your sport and your goals.

5. A Personal Trainer will develop a program

The first thing that a Personal Trainer does is he or she develops a program for you. They will go through the workouts with you and see how you respond to them. If you are struggling through a particular exercise, they will make adjustments to the workout to help you through it.

6. An athlete will be held accountable

A personal trainer will make sure the athletes are on time for the training sessions and keep track of the times of their athlete’s workouts. This makes sure that the athlete knows what is expected of them.

7. Proper technique and form will be taught

When you are learning a new exercise, you should focus on proper technique and form. This is because it will help you to improve your performance. If you don’t know how to do something correctly, you could end up doing it incorrectly and causing yourself to injure yourself.

8. Help developing new mindset

A personal trainer can help you to develop a new mindset and find the motivation to do the things you need to do to improve your performance. It’s important to see how the hard work will pay off.

9. A personal trainer can help an athlete to understand the importance of nutrition, rest, and sleep

They can help athletes understand how to eat properly and how to make the best choices when it comes to food.They can help athletes to get the rest and sleep required for them. This can also help them to understand how to prepare for competitions, how to recover from injuries,  and how to prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

If you want to become a better athlete, you need to have a personal trainer. You need to be a part of a group of people who are focused on your success. They will help you improve your performance, and they will teach you how to train your body to become stronger and faster.  And if you want to become an elite athlete, you need a Personal Trainer.