In the year 2023, it’s surprising that some coaches still discourage in-season weight training for kids. After investing time and resources in off-season programs, these coaches claim that lifting during the season hinders team performance.

However, we’ve witnessed kids progressively getting stronger throughout the season, engaging in three sets of five reps at varying percentages (40-75%) based on their weekly schedules. The needs differ from person to person and team to team, but the focus is on familiar lifts from their off-season regimen.

There’s no rule dictating heavy, slow movements must be the only speed that take place in the weightroom. Kids can lift lighter weights with faster movements. Properly dosed, training twice a week (two 30-minute sessions) or one more intense session (45-60 mins) helps maintain strength and explosiveness. A sample guide for 2 teams. Team A: 1 game on a Saturday means they can teeter on the 70-80% side earlier in the week like a Monday or a Tuesday. Team B: 7 games in 14 days, means they may be doing 1 lift each week closer to the 40% mark, moving fast, performing their 3-4 core lifts. Again, these are 2 samples to help teams make more informative decisions when it comes to keeping athletes’ healthy and strong throughout the season.

This approach minimizes muscle/power loss and will reduce the risk of non-contact injuries. If your child requires guidance on in-season dosing or off-season structure, reach out! We’ve earned the trust of hundreds of local athletes, delivering results that not only empower them to train independently but also create an environment so positive that they choose to stay and continue training with us.

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