If you’ve been contemplating a return to fitness with a focus on weight loss, there’s inspiration to be found from all the older adults who’ve made a dedication to be consistent in their health journey. Having less body fat, increased energy to play with your kids, more mobility and less day to day pain is something many adults can benefit from. We offer valuable insights into getting back into shape, shedding pounds, and improving your overall well-being.

1. Embrace Evolution: You can push the boundaries of your physical capabilities. The human body is adaptable and ever-evolving, and there’s still much to discover about your potential. Once upon a time, the 4-minute mile and the 1000 pound deadlift was thought impossible, both having been accomplished by multiple individuals. With improved training techniques, access to training, and proper utilization of your equipment options can surpass your previous achievements and for some, your current belief in yourself.

2. Wisdom and Efficiency: Age brings wisdom, as many of us (including myself) have kids in the house, we’ve learned through experience and the outcomes are usually a smarter training approach. If you’re juggling a full-time job alongside your fitness goals, you’re not alone. Working adults often prioritize efficient, effective workouts over excessive training volume. They understand the value of giving their body ample time to recover, and they’re cautious about training techniques to minimize the risk of injury.

3. A Growing Supportive Community: We love to see that more and more adults are embracing sports and fitness activities throughout their lives. Whether you’re resuming an old hobby or exploring a new one, you’ll find that it’s now more socially acceptable than ever. Many individuals, particularly the Baby Boomer generation, are rekindling their passion for sports once they’ve retired. Look no further than the sport of pickleball, it has exploded, while golf is a more common sport we hear getting picked up during adulthood or when their children have left home. For most, the extra time and resources allow them to focus more on their fitness journey.

What Does This Mean for You? For those of you considering diving into a new sport or activity, the possibilities are endless. You don’t need to have been a former athlete or in your younger years to excel now. I’ve had the privilege of working with seasoned athletes and beginners alike, all of whom have made and continue to make incredible progress on their fitness journey. Coaching and guidance are adapting to meet the needs of diverse demographics, ensuring that your fitness goals are within reach throughout your lifetime. We can provide guidance and track your progress! Exercise is the best option for aging well and lifting weights is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth.

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