Soccer parents, Hello! We all know how much your young athletes love playing the most known sport on the planet. But did you know that there’s something extra special that can boost their skills and make the game even more fun? It’s called speed and agility training, and here we will show you how it can work wonders for your budding soccer star(s).

Boost Their Speed:

Speed and agility training is like a turbo boost for your kids. It helps them zip across the field, leaving their opponents in the dust and scoring goals with lightning speed.

Fluid Footwork:

With agility training, your little soccer champs can develop more fluid footwork, bettering their ability to dribble, pass, and create a shot. Imagine them weaving through the defense like a pro!

Injury Prevention and Strength:

Injury prevention and reducing the risk of non-contact injury is our thing. We know you worry about those injuries. Speed and agility training along with basic calisthenics, helps your kids build strength in both the muscles and joints, lowering the risk of those non-contact injuries. More information about keeping kids off the sideline here.

Quick Reflexes:

Your soccer stars will become super quick thinkers on the field. Speed and agility training sharpens their reflexes, so they’re always ready to react and make a play.


Speed and agility helps athletes become more conditioned. NO, they don’t have to jog long distance to become conditioned. They’ll also have more energy. With better agility and speed, they’ll be able to keep up their amazing performance from the first whistle to the final goal.

Smart Soccer:

Speed and agility training isn’t just about physical strength; it’s about outsmarting the competition. Your kids will be shifty and tactical, whether they’re defending or attacking.

Total Athletes:

Kids who train in speed and agility can shine in any position and most sports for that matter. They’re the Swiss Army knives of soccer, ready to take on any role and help their team win.


We saved the best for last. Your soccer stars will not only get better at soccer but also become more confident in themselves. They’ll learn discipline, perseverance, and how to stay calm under pressure.

Parents, if you’re looking for a secret sauce to help your kids level up in soccer, speed and agility training is it. Your soccer star(s) will have more fun, stay safe, and become amazing athletes. Let us support and help their development on this journey. As a result, they will shine on the soccer field while growing as people. If you are ready for an off-season of overall growth, come check us out at Core Performance Academy.

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